Ali Miles-Jenkins Speaker Bio

Ali Miles-Jenkins is a multi-award winning  Coach, Mentor,  Management Consultant, Speaker, Author, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a business owner since 1990.  She’s helped more than 65,000 people with their business, management and personal development in the UK and internationally.  In 2016 her book ‘New Manager Secrets’ was published.

She is the Founder of the BoomBoss® (, dedicated to training and coaching 1000s of women over 50 to set up businesses using their skills, experience, expertise and knowledge. Central to her messaging is that ‘It’s not all about the money”.  Rather, it’s about reinvention, reinvigoration, rejuvenation, that ‘second bite of the cherry’, giving back, making a difference. and showing the world older people still contribute and count.

In 2020 she gave a TedX talk: ‘The Surprising Truth About Women Over 50’.

Ali offers a refreshingly honest and pragmatic approach to her clients: ‘No false promises.  No millionaire lifestyle.  Just powerful, proven expertise and support to get you to who you want to be and where you want to go’.

She lives just outside Colchester, with her husband, dogs, cat and horse.





Ali ‘s been captivating audiences since 1990


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    • 50 Sense Interview 2020
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    • Winner, Education and Lifelong Learning Award 2010
    • Runner Up, Business Woman Of The Year Award 2010
    • Finalist, Better Business 1994

    “I would love to share my story, skills, expertise, experience and knowledge with you to enable you to reach your personal, professional and business goals”

    Ali Miles-Jenkins