I’m here to make a real difference to the rest of your life.

Instead of worrying about becoming irrelevant and the stereotype of the older women retiree,  BoomBoss® gets the Over 50 woman excited about endless possibilities ahead of her!

Through our community, programmes, coaching and mentoring you’ll put aside all self-doubt, fears and excuses.  You’ll grab the opportunity for business and personal development,  the lifestyle you deserve, success, self-worth,  and making a difference.

Release your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your skills, experience, expertise and knowledge from your career or hobbies into a business.  Imagine finally being your own CEO, working where and when you want earning what you are worth!

You could even become one of our BoomBoss® Certified Business Coaches!

Over 50 but never overlooked 


A BoomBoss® is bold, unafraid and turns her energies to her goals


We dream BIG as we are all capable of so much more


We have 50+ years of skills, experience, expertise and knowledge that will benefit others


It's not just business. It's personal and we are all in this together


I use my 30+ years as a business owner, consultant, trainer, coach and mentor to enable women over 50 to have the best possible years of their life.

So it’s okay if you don’t fully believe in yourself and the impact you can still make in the world. I will believe for both of us until you do too.

If it’s business, professional and personal success that you’re after, now IS the time for you to have that second bite of the cherry.  A BoomBoss® is a woman who is not wasting another second of her life. She recognises that if she wants business and lifestyle success she has to put in the work. And that should start now.

I’ve been on that journey myself.  I hope you will join me on yours.




Growing up in the 60s and 70s meant life was hugely different to now. My parents were quite strict. Dad was a Headmaster of a prominent Grammar School for boys so high academic performance was expected of me.

I was bullied a bit for being a swot but looking back I’m glad that I worked hard. The mentality to do my very best has stayed with me and has helped me during tough times too.

No-one in my family was entrepreneurial so when I was young I could not have imagined ever being my own boss!


1978 saw me flying the nest and studying at Warwick University and then at Nuremberg Uni too.

Looking back I studied the most useless (but highly academic) degree – German Studies – but a fun year in 1981 living in Germany, interrailing round Europe and some good-looking boyfriends seemed to make up for it a bit! I still had no idea who or what I would turn out to be.

Many years later when I was considering applying to study a PhD I was told that my first degree would not count as it was so long ago!  I was outraged and it seemed to me it was hugely discriminatory against age. Perhaps that sowed the seed for me making a stand for women over 50!


Graduating In 1982, after a rebellious moment when I refused to go to my graduation and took a tour job with Cosmos instead, I worked for the Institute of Travel and Tourism, a couple of other educational bodies, and a Marketing/PA role for Dun and Bradstreet.  At one stage I started a Masters in Law but soon gave up as I was the only one on the course who hadn’t got the first degree in Law. I felt a bit outwitted!

They say things happen for a reason and within a couple of years I got a plum job with Pitmans, helping them establish a corporate training department. I was home and dry!

I found myself as the lead consultant thrown in at the deep end developing management training courses for city private sector companies.  It was certainly a baptism of fire!

It was the start of 30 plus years in the business training and consulting field. 


With a husband on a low salary and a 15 month old baby, I took that giant leap of faith on 01 October 1990 and set up my own management and training consultancy right in the middle of a recession!

I went on to create multiple business, management and personal development programmes, win awards and helped more than 65,000 people with their business, management and personal goals, in the UK and internationally. I worked hard but I loved the time, income and location control that I had as my own boss. I became FCIPD, trained as a corporate and executive business coach, life coach and hypnotherapist.


A KEY epiphany moment in 2016 made me realised that some of the senior women in management roles that I was coaching at work were subsequently leaving their careers because “They wanted to me more like me and do what I was doing- running my own expert business.”

Many women had also confided in me that they felt marginalised and stereotyped once they reached 50. They were passed over for promotion and made to feel as though it was ‘time to hang up the high heels’.

So once again I took a deep breath and set off on a mission to help women over 50 have that second bite of the cherry, set up their very own businesses and become their own CEO at work and play, finally securing the lifestyle they deserve. BoomBoss® was born.

It was exhilarating.  I was overwhelmed by the number of women who were inspired by my manifesto and vision.  The business flew and within 18 months I hit six figures.  7,500+ women had joined my community.

We attracted a lot of Press attention and in 2020 I gave a TedX talk – ‘The surprising Truth About Women Over 50’.

My vision and values


I’m flouting the stereotype and debunking the myths about women over 50.  We’re successful, sassy, sexy,  and a force to be reckoned with. We’re rebelling against outdated stereotyping.  We’re reinventing.  We’re making our mark.


I’m sharing with you my 30 years’ experience of being a successful businesswoman. I’ll also coach, mentor, train you as well as  being your accountability partner.  I have my own proven system for business and personal success that you can follow to get to where you want to go.


I won’t give you the usual BS.  I won’t promise you a millionaire lifestyle by next Thursday fortnight.  I won’t tell you don’t need to invest in yourself.  I will teach, coach, mentor,  and support you but you have to put in the work too  to get the life you deserve over 50.


I can so relate to where you are right now.  I grew up in the 60s and 70s.  I talk the same language, I share similar memories and values. I know how it feels to age and to have regrets as well as plenty of aspirations. I’m on your wave-length.  We’ll get on well!


Whether you’re with me for a day’s training or on a premier 12 month programme, you can expect a high quality learning experience: a unique blend of expertise, insights, training, mentoring, coaching, with attention to detail, a friendly touch – and the results you want.


I passionately believe  in building great relationships with my clients. It’s not just about getting results.  It’s about rapport, connection, and creating an environment where people can feel relaxed and therefore flourish.

My first event in December 2017, London


The BoomBossing It! Podcast is for successful and sassy women over 50 who want to listen to inspiring stories about entrepreneurial life after 50.  Want to be a guest on the BoomBossing It! Podcast?  Simply get in touch.


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