What Gets Me Jumping Out Of Bed Each Day

Here’s what gets me jumping out of bed each day
You know what gets me jumping out of bed each day?
It’s client feedback like this:
I live for this feedback.
In the beginning, starting an exciting new business was a huge motivator for me as I was getting bored with my consultancy that I’d run for 30 years…
But what I hadn’t anticipated was the overwhelmingly positive reaction I started to get from the influx of women over 50 who jumped at this opportunity to join me.
Now what gives me energy every single day is my community of amazing women entrepreneurs who are growing their very own businesses following my guidance and support.  These women are becoming their own CEOs at work and play and reinventing and reinvigorating themselves after 50.
They are making profits and their lifestyle is changing…
They’re finally free from the fear of being over 50 and overlooked…
They are getting success and that sought after mix of lifestyle, income and location control…
To me that’s the impact and contribution I’m looking for.
I want to propel you along your business journey
And I figure the best way to do that is to just give you access to every secret…
Every strategy…
Every tactic…
And EVERY shortcut that made me and my BoomBosses so successful!
A BoomBoss® is in control of her destiny, her schedule, priorities and lifestyle. She’s her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent.
A BoomBoss® is a no BS action taker, who values her integrity, self-worth and contribution. She’s relevant, makes her mark, stands for something, with her own unique identity. She’s doing something she was born to do, feeling vital, connected and valued.
What are you planning for the coming week to ensure you have the BoomBoss® Mindset? The desire and determination to make the most of the second bite of the cherry; the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to put aside doubts, fears, excuses, and at last become your own CEO, at work and play.
Love Ali xx









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