One of my favourite phrases which you may have heard me use if you have been to one of my events or read my BoomBoss® Manifesto is that as women over 50 we have to get on and do.

No-one is coming to save us.  Fact.  We are not getting any younger.  Fact.  I’m going to be 63 on 03 November. Fact. I can believe it but it’s true!  After all no-one gets old by surprise.

You and I can’t rely on anyone but ourselves to take care of our financial future.

So we have to chase our dreams and make them our reality now.

How do we do that? 

We become our own boss of our very own successful business.

Our own CEO at work and play, with time, location and income control.

Anyone can achieve this.  You don’t have to be a genius (in fact that’s probably an advantage).  I’m not a genius but I’ve been my own Boss for 30 years. 

I want you to have that sense of achievement and self-reliance too – it’s a key driver behind me helping other women over 50 get to where they want to go.

One of my mentors told me that one of his mentors once told him that only through implementation can you have accomplishment.

So as time ticks on and we get older, we have to speed up our rate of implementation.  To me that means taking massive action, persistently and consistently.