Do You Feel Invisible And Marginalised?

Being a Baby Boomer means that chances are you think of yourselves as 15 years younger than your chronological age.  That means I think of myself as 47.  That’s probably right.

 Add to that the widely held view that we are the best-educated generation ever AND that as Boomers we have experimented with things our whole lives, and you can see why we are so predisposed to having that entrepreneurial spirit needed to take risks and set up our own businesses.

 This is an important concept to hold on to, particularly if you have got towards the end of your career and now catch yourself feeling invisible and even marginalised by work colleagues or bosses.  Perhaps you realise you have been passed over for promotion as a result.

 Even companies that are considered to have great HR policies and an open-minded, collaborative culture can still see older workers in a less than flattering way. Top concerns, according to various studies I have examined, are perceived lack of technical competence and lack of ability to learn new things.

 That’s strange isn’t it when you consider that in my last blog we discovered that lifelong learning helps us to stay young.  In fact we are also famed for our work ethic and getting the job done.  Our values include high expectations and pushing hard to reach goals. Whilst one day our grandchildren will be incredulous we survived the cradle without masses of technology it’s important for now to remember that there are countless examples of our generation flouting stereotypical perceptions in the use of technology at work and play.

 Research now points to Baby Boomers being the most powerful entrepreneurial group, rejecting the prejudices at work, rethinking the idea of retirement, whether by need or choice.

 So we shouldn’t feel invisible and marginalised.  We have oodles of work experience, expertise, skills and knowledge that others will pay us handsomely for.  That’s the kind of experience that can’t be faked or gained overnight.  We’ve got what it takes to run our own successful businesses.  Let’s make entrepreneurship on of the most fun and rewarding things in later life.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m building this interactive, social, collaborative and unique resource ‘The BoomBoss®’.  If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you start or grow a business you can contact me.

Bye for now

Ali x